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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What would Ebenezer Scrooge say? Card or no card?

For the past few years I categorically stopped sending Christmas cards.  Not because I was too busy or not in the spirit.  Nor was it because I was receiving fewer and fewer cards since the birth of social media.  Of course, these are all legitimate reasons why some decide not to send cards.  But my sole purpose was to assist in some small way the preservation of our earth and avoid contributing to more trash.   As a family of six, we generate more than enough trash in our everyday living.  Our children are respectable, however, as they become more and more aware about the importance of conserving and recycling.  They wear their clothes more than once before tossing them into the laundry (with the exception of Jaden). They turn lights off, they brush their teeth with the faucets off and they take quick showers, if any (again – Jaden!).  And from living on a farm they know every unwanted or unused item soon becomes someone’s treasure and, hence, reusable.

But back to the card thing.  I would hope and I can without hesitation say that my friends and family know I wish them a wonderful holiday.  Why wouldn’t I?   And they know, for me, Christmas is 365 days of the year.  If I can spread joy, peace, love and wish everyone good health each and every day, well than …. that’s my Hallmark card. 

Now, having blurted this all out in a public forum, trust me when I say - it is not that I don’t appreciate receiving Christmas cards.  Please do not think I throw them away and pay no heed.  Actually, au contraire, I save them all.  Have been doing that since I can remember.  Yes, I have all your family’s photos from when the kiddies were little and I know each and every pet you have ever owned.  And I keep them all in used shoe boxes.

So, now you know – it was never about money or time or the spirit of the holidays.  The act in itself, to me, is senseless.  We are drowning in our own garbage.  We are in the age of technology.  Pick up the phone, write a letter on recycled paper, send an email, or text well wishes. 

And now that I have your attention, allow me to do this.

To all my friends and family and to those I may never meet; may the Christmas season and the new year bring you all good health, endless joy and peace to our world.

From Jada, Jaden, Momo, Jamy, Serge et moi …