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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Social Media … Right or Wrong

         Social media - it’s not about right or wrong.  It is what it is.

Before …

… we sat by the fire, talked and drank our morning coffee

… we closed the bedroom door and spoke to our friends on the phone

… we searched for recipes from a shelf cluttered with cookbooks

… we sent annual holiday cards and paid the postage

… we read to our kids when they were bored

… we got in the car, drove to a store and took a chance that store
     would be open

… we got a call when school was cancelled for a snow day

… we flipped through a 3 inch thick phone book to find a number

… we wrote birthdays on calendars

… we cooked the same thing the same night of the week,  and

… we watched the same TV show the same night each week.

… we had bright post-it notes everywhere

… we looked to Dr. Spock for answers

… we wrote all our deep thoughts in a journal

… we exchanged opinions face to face, and usually, held back
     how we really felt

… we had a daily newspaper flung at our door

  we looked at each other and conversed when dining

  we used our imagination to make gifts, or

… we asked someone how to make something out of items from a
     junk drawer

… we played cards on a table and scrabble on a board

… we gambled only at a casino

… we listened to the same song until we knew it by heart

… we met a potential partner on a blind date through a mutual friend

… we played car games on long trips and got car sick reading books

… we sold our homes through a realtor the family knew for years

… we ate veggies from a can because we did not know there would be a
      monsoon that summer

Now …

… our exposure to the world is not limited

… our quality of life does not necessarily improve just because our GNP
     is high

… our lives extend the boundaries of our home, community and our

… our children are no longer sheltered from the 6:00 news

… our relationships are no longer private – what goes on behind closed
     doors does not always stay there

… our knowledge of foreign affairs is instantaneous rather then learned
     through propaganda

… our food has to be washed, washed again and then triple washed

… our world is larger  our boundaries exposed

… our extended families gather because of Travelzoo bargains

… our vacations are no longer planned by just a travel agent

… our children’s awareness and exposure to the realities of life becomes
    harder and harder to monitor

… our pets come from anywhere they can be shipped rather than
    obtained locally

… our schools have not only fire drills but exercises in diving under

  our accountant, our banker, our pharmacist, our physician who were
     once on speed dial are now reached by email appointments only.

We are exposed to more, expected to do more, and we live longer.   Our challenges are bigger, our relentless search for peace in the world continues.  Whether social media helps or hinders our lives, it is there and we need to use it wisely.