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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No thanks, I will pass on the gift cards!

Recently, I discovered deep down in the sandy archives of my wallet, a gift card from Borders. Remember them? That other bookstore. I decided to check out what my balance was and proceeded to go to the Barnes and Noble website, knowing that there was a buyout a few years back.

Enter card number on back. Okay.  Enter pin - hmmmm. I never had a pin. No worries, they do not always require one, the instructions told me. Okay then. Click ENTER. Done. Of course, it says unable to check your balance. That’s because, come to find out, Barnes and Noble does not honour Borders gift cards. It was not included in the buyout, the nice CHAT person told me.

So, I googled the situation, read about the liquidation auction back in 2011 and the subsequent acquisition of all the trademarks.  They also acquired all the internet domain names, the e-commerce website as well as the membership lists, customer information including contact info, email addresses and purchasing history.

But nowhere do I see, that Barnes and Noble or any other buyer took the “gift cards” department. It was not included in the 13 million dollar acquisition. An oversight?  Hardly.  It was not a part of the auction.

So, that leaves moi with what? A gift card of no value – at least at Barnes and Noble.  I can, however,  create a pretty barn red bookmark.  Or should I cut a small notch in it and use it as a tick remover? How about a windshield scraper?  Actually, I am sure my son can figure out how to make guitar picks out of it.  I guess I will keep it.  Recycling is important.

Christmas is coming - stay away from the gift card industry. Slip a twenty into a card. There you go!