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Friday, April 11, 2014

Where are our children headed with Imessaging?

Okay I get it – it’s cool, it’s exciting, it’s the new party line.  Whatever.  This is what I see.  Imessaging, (or whatever social media service you use) is damaging, hurtful and steering our kids into a false perception of communicating.  Like Facebook, kids are hiding behind the screens in their bedrooms, at school, even hundreds of miles away while vacationing.  And what they are writing is not always innocent.

My first question to parents, myself included is this:  Why are your children (and I use that word figuratively) messaging at 11:00pm on a school night? 

And who is monitoring these kids who have unlimited messaging with photo attachment abilities.  For 20 years we have had texting, but in the last decade with photo attachment abilities our children are being set up.

And how do we stop cyber-bullying?  Recently I found myself interfering on one of my kid’s conversations on Imessage.  I was appalled at what her “friends” were saying.  It was cutting, judgmental, rude and grammatically - an abomination.

Should I have intervened?  Probably not, being as angry as I was.  But I was fed up and protective.  I am a mother bear when it comes to my children and in this instance I was not going to let one of my children get into a situation that was getting ugly. 

I would be very interested in parent’s input on this.  Parents or adults only.   I am sure somewhere out there in Cyberville a forum exists where parents are trying to deal with the saturation of so many communication vehicles for children (especially, those that are too young to handle them).   For sure there must be parents out there that have similar concerns.

What can we do?  And, more importantly – what should we do?