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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

                                              A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS WISH

As we prepare for the holidays, the calendar slowly floods;

With Christmas concerts, school trips, sales on new duds.

Each day rolls into the next – there is little time for reflection;

A brief memory from the past captures our attention.

We find ourselves remembering all the Christmases gone by

And we struggle to hold back the tears welling up in our eyes

Though the years are changing, the traditions must endure

For children need magic to keep the Christmas spirit pure.

No doubt for the faithful it is a time for religious reflection,

And for all who are spiritual - it’s our love and connection.

So, with this poem I wish for all to have and to share

A wonderful new year ahead with this magic in the air.

We are immensely grateful for each day we can shine,

For we know we are here on this earth but for a very short time

For the month of December, may there be an abundance of giving;

And in 2014 good health and much happiness to all the earth’s living.

And as we continue to be as busy as Santa and his elves,

Let us find the spirit of Christmas within all as well as our selves.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours and may you all find continued peace, good health and much happiness in the new year.