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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Ode To Fluffy

We observed from the wired fence
Your first day at our farm;
A different sort of creature you were
Not a beauty but, oh, such charm.

And now you lay at peace
After a horribly restless night.
Your pain is gone forever
And your children are within our sight.

A shepherd knows his flock
And the leaders he can trust.
May you know in your sweet heart
All that you meant to us.

                                 RIP FLUFFY

Like most families we have a small discreet pet cemetery in the woods on our property.  Established a few weeks ago, it was the initiative of moi after my son asked me one evening where I buried JoJo (the canary).  His question was somewhat expected because his hamster, Strawberry had died that same day and he wanted to give it a proper burial.  I cleverly replied, "I buried JoJo behind the old barn."  Satisfied with the answer we agreed to bury Strawberry the hamster the following day in the “cemetery” after school.

And as any caring mother would do, after the children boarded the school bus the following morning, I ran to the old barn, grabbed a shovel, found a lovely spot and overturned the earth. (Because, you see, JoJo, although adored in life, was unfortunately deposited in a bag and thrown in the trash.)

So, as promised that day, when the children arrived home that afternoon we  took Strawberry, who was delicately laid to rest in a Chinese food container, to the “cemetery” and buried him along side JoJo (in soul only) and the graves were marked accordingly.

Fast forward to this morning:

A sad day at the farm.  Another death.  This time, our dear Fluffy.  Being one of our original ewes, she was a strong mother, as well as a grandmother, with a gentile soul.  She, like some in the flock this year, contracted pneumonia and she passed during the night leaving two babies still nursing.  So, as the law requires, we are allowed to bury our animals on our property with a lot of lime and a backhoe.  And, of course, children being what they are, we were required by them to bury Fluffy in the cemetery.  And we did.

And while many other families spent the day shopping, or at soccer practise or getting ready for graduation day, our family spent our Saturday burying another beloved pet and consoling her young who, as I write this, are still crying out….Maaaaaaaa, Maaaaaaaa.

                         hmmmm ……. life on the farm.