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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Weekend

There is nothing more peaceful or more gratifying than a walk with my camera, alone.  My children, knowing it is “Mommy’s weekend” (why not – spread it out a little) gave me the courtesy of some down time today, the day before Mother's Day.  And it could not have come at a better time.  Although a little on the chilly side, today was meant for photography.  So, given this opportunity and acting like the zealous paparazzi,  I took an uninvited approach and crept in on a couple of geese enjoying the solitude of their own pond.

 But I was unaware that soon a media magnet would interfere with my photo session and land its butt near my backyard visitors.

I soon tired of such harmony and wandered into the woods to find my favourite spring treat.  Fiddleheads.   Fiddleheads are one of the world's coolest greens. These young ostrich fern (matteuccia struthiopteris), named for their resemblance to the finely crafted head of a fiddle, usually appear in Quebec around late April to early May. 
They can be found along river and stream banks, in open woodlands and at the edges of swamps and marshes.   They should be harvested when they are at their tenderest,  just a few inches high and tightly coiled.  They are loaded with iron and potassium, easy to cook and have a delicate green flavour. 
Early spring wildflowers are abundant in our woods and I ventured around looking for the epitome of nature’s décor.  The purple trillium, alone and pristine, was hiding at the base of a large maple.  

Marsh marigold, the first flower crying farewell to winter is my all time favourite.  A cluster of bright yellow blossoms and vibrant green foliage lay in large clumps along our brook.

Of course, no lawn is complete without the infamous dandelion.  I quietly approached one of the twins as she ran wildly picking and giggling in delight.

I love the color of the grass this time of year.  It highlights everything from the ground up.  Even the fruit trees, not yet yielding fruit, were illuminated by the lush carpet.

I made my way to the back pond and found my Momo with her friend Enya running around the pond gathering items for delicate corsages for both their mommies.  (Unfortunately,  poor Enya’s Mommy has allergies.)

And, of course, no day is complete without a peek at the moutons.  How peaceful and beautiful these creatures are.  It is so understandable why they are frequently depicted in children's books and bedtime stories.

Tomorrow is actually “Mother’s Day” and I am sure I will be adorned with gorgeous, oh so precious handmade gifts.  I will be tempted to stay in bed past 7:00am.  I will be hugged kissed and told “I love you”.   And, I would not trade any of that for all the gold in China (as my grandmother used to say).  But today, with family close by, I relished a very special part of my "Mommy’s weekend"  - - a little down time with my Canon.
Happy Mother's Day Mom.  Miss you.