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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Here I am
Prayin' for this moment to last
Livin' on the music so fine
Borne on the wind
Makin' it mine

What happened to my days of “night fever”?   Most people spent this past Saturday night at a fun bar, or socializing at a friend’s house, or maybe catching an early show and then dinner at a fine restaurant.

Me?  I had a romantic evening with my husband hauling 100 bales of hay up to the second floor of the barn.  Not complaining – the night was chilly but beautiful, the conversation good and the workout – well, move over all you spinners.  

But I would be remiss in saying I don’t sometimes long for those carefree days.  The only person to tend to was me.

My Saturday night life usually went as follows:

Dinner - only if and when I was hungry.

Going out with friends - whoever was willing and able.

Restaurant – picked any one – he was paying.

Dancing – you bet!  With the right outfit of course.

Staying out past midnight – usually - I could sleep in AGAIN.

Now it seems my Saturday nights follow this pattern:

Dinner - rushed because children are always hungry.

Going out with friends –  hopefully, someday when I finally find a babysitter (and some friends).

Restaurant – only ones with take out.

Dancing -  oh sure, all the way to the washroom to go pee.  (in our house we actually call it the pee pee dance)

Staying up after midnight – more than ever - there is always the proverbial call of the wild whereby I get up, tend to whoever, and inevitably turn the coffee pot on.

Do I miss the ole days?  Maybe.  Do I want to go back?  Nope.  Do I love hauling hay bales?  Why not.  But between you and me.... 

on Saturday nights - I should be dancing – yeah,  dancing - yeah!

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