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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Our arrival into Costa Rica.

After a 20 hour travel day, we (minus one husband) arrived in Playa Grande, Costa Rica.  The day began at 2:00am.  We were in the car to Burlington at 3:15am. We had a 6:00am flight to Newark out of Burlington.  Everything was going along as it should until we got to the boarding gate at Burlington.  No seats?  What?  Bleep!  The reservations were made months ago!  Bleep, bleep!  How can an airline over book four people? Bleep, bleep,bleep!  Long story short – I got on with the two kids and Serge was bumped to a later flight.  He was routed through Cleveland, Dallas, Houston and then onto Liberia.  Not a happy camper.

Kids and I arrived in lovely Newark and caught the 1:30pm flight to Liberia.  Now, half way up in the clouds I asked myself the obvious questions.  Where was our luggage?  Did it go with us?  Did it follow Serge?   Landed in Costa Rica with beautiful 82 degree weather.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh – love it.  Well, as it should, one suitcase did come with us and  the other followed Serge. Only problem was my suitcase followed Serge and when he went through customs he received numerous odd glances from the customs agent as they rifled through my personal wear.

After a few hours (they move very slowly here) we got our rental Mitsubishi and we were on our way.  After a few tries at Serge’s blackberry I finally reached him in Houston.  He would arrive at 20h00 that night.  I asked our rental agent to arrange for someone to pick up Serge at the airport and bring him to the house because I was not going to drive back to the airport which was a good hour away.   So, the kids and I went to do a little grocery at a local supermarket (I use the term “super” with tongue in cheek.)   All in all it was a long but successful travel day.  Now, to relax and enjoy this unique country.