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Friday, January 7, 2011

85-90F or 28-30C - I`ll take either one.

Weather continues to be incredible here.  I am going to look at properties today with Becky Clower, our realtor.  She is half Costa Rican, half American, married to a guy from Tampa and living here now with her two little boys.  I am in a constant awe of how she handles life here.  She has bread delivered from a German baker, milk and eggs delivered from a local farmer, and fish delivered to her door from a local fisherman.  It doesn`t get better than that.

We have had a little bad luck with this rental home.  The appliances seem to all be breaking down at the same time but the Ticos (locals) are quick to repair things and although I am sure parts are hard to find, labor is not. 

We ventured inland one day to see the farms and the landscape.  This is their dry season and the roads are very much like home in the summer.  Dry and dusty.  But the occasional cow, or equana are always entertaining albeit sometimes hard to maneuver around.  Horses here are abundant and it is beautiful to see them grazing along the hillsides.

Yesterday we visited Monkey Park where the kids FINALLY saw their favourite - spider monkeys.  A very modest $10 entry fee for a well maintained but old park where monkeys and other animals are brought to before released into the wild.

The water has been awesome despite the occasional jellyfish stings.  My son seems to be prone to being stung by these invisible creatures but is taking it in stride.  The only remedy is to wash the stung area with sea water and hope for the best.  It`s all part of the territory.  The shells along the beach are beautiful and my daughter is spellbound by them.

Our excitement is building for this Sunday when we go to Arenal Volcano.   We are staying at The Spring Resort and Spa.  Click on their website for an amazing look at what they offer.   

Missing home but not the weather…………