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Thursday, January 20, 2011

30C? 30F? - that is the question.

               The north vs. the south.

Well, we are back in north country and, although the snow is beautiful to look at, that is exactly the problem.  I am looking at it.  I will not go out in it.  I miss the warmth.  I miss no clothes (well you know what I mean).  It is always a dilemma that we ponder over for at least one month after returning to the north from somewhere in the south.  Should we move?  Can we start a farm elsewhere?  Would the kids have more or less?  What type of quality of life could we have?  Better?  Same?

I know one thing for sure – besides less clothes, I would be enjoying the outdoors more in a warmer climate.  I could garden 24/7 - 365 days of the year.  We could eat real tomatoes year round.  We would swim 12 months of the year.  I wouldn’t be swearing every morning rummaging through the hallway bench looking for matching mittens.  I would simply open the door for the children to go outside.  And, we could have more animals.

But on the other hand, I cannot dismiss the benefits I receive from the northern climate:

Like smelling that indescribable scent of fresh arctic air every morning when I get out of my warm cozy bed.

And wearing those Muks that are so flattering and well – just darn adorable.

In cold weather I would be slimmer because I would not be eating that dreadful ice cream three times a day.

And we would eat-in more when the weather is frigid avoiding all those dreadful restaurants and all that fancy food.

In the north I can buy all sorts of fun lotions to keep the dry skin at bay.

And I would never have to swim in that horribly warm ocean with all that salt that gives me an instant body exfoliation.

In the north I keep the children inside most days so I can watch soap operas.

And when I do let the children go out I have two ponds that freeze over allowing me to get exercise whilst I clear the snow so they can skate for 2 minutes.

I enjoy dusting more in a cold climate because it is easier to see the hundreds of dust bunnies that accumulate from the fireplace insert.

And, I guess as far as more animals - we could get more and haul another 350 bales of hay up to the second floor of the barn.  Why not?

Wow, after actually writing those points down on paper I see clearly now why we live in the north.  Don’t you?