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Monday, December 27, 2010


Peace, peaceful, peaceableness - all applying to my state of mind during a brief moment in time today.  My Dad and brother Steve left this afternoon after a weeks visit. The storm had delayed their travel plans and now sadly they were on their way.  My immediate plan -- take down the decorations. But then I held back.  I decided to put on the pot for tea and I sat.  And thought.  It was quiet - the kids were all outside playing in the snow - and the only sound was the humdrum sound of the washing machine.  This is what a true lull is I thought to myself.  Not the type that comes during a storm where all you feel is anticipation.  But rather a lull in time where you have just a brief moment to sit and ponder. For me today's lull came between the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the plans for the new year to come.  Between the getting ready and the getting ready again. I never put much credence on these moments - only because I hate to waste time sitting around.  But today I relished the lull.  I thought about my Dad and wondered how many more times he would make it to Canada.  I thought about my friends and family all spread around the globe and what their respective new years would bring to them.  I thought about our upcoming vacation to Costa Rica and how much I was looking forward to playing with monkeys, the ones that hang from the treetops and not from my neck.  And I stared out the window watching the sun try to make it's way through the snow covered air.  Ah - this storm had passed, there was a peacefulness outside.  I was loving the moment, the tea, the quiet.  And then - - the washing machine buzzed.   And as quickly as the lull came - it had passed and I was back in the real world.  I got up and went to put another load in.

For all of you out there who have a moment like this during your busy days ahead - grab them.  Enjoy the lulls, for you never know when the next storm comes.