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Thursday, December 16, 2010



Hoho, the day has arrived that my children do not believe.  Well at least the older two.  This morning, out of the blue and turning blue (-10C), my son Jamy, in his usual bus stop position (laying in a snow bank) said to me, “you know kids at school said you and Daddy put the presents under the tree.”  Well, you could have knocked me over with a snowball the size of a marble.  I have been waiting for this day.  Much like that other dreaded day – the one where we have to discuss the “s” word.

I thought I was prepared and I had planned this clever come back to keep their little minds guessing.  But my mind went blank.  So, with an impromptu reply I said, “It’s all in what you believe.”  Ha – that was lame.  And then an even worse line followed. “I still believe”.  Both comments were acknowledged with blank stares and shoulders shrugging.

So, I continued… ”I can’t really remember the day I realized there were no reindeer landing on our roof.  But I do believe in the magic of Christmas.  And I believe in the celebration of Christmas in its true meaning.”

Aha, like ice particles floating in the air, the little wheels in their heads were turning and just before another comment was airborne the wheels of the bus stopped.  We kissed goodbye, the kids boarded and I walked back to the house saying aloud’ “now that wasn’t so bad was it little Suzie”.