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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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Three trips to Bedford, two trips to Cowansville, one trip to Frelighsburg - all in one day. For the past 12 hours I have taxied kids around in the freezing rain.  I feel like a commuter train.  Only without the conductor.  I am starting to feel like those soccer moms or football moms or even cheerleader moms.  Wait a minute -- they drive decent cars or even vans.  I'm driving a 4X4 Ford 150 pick-up truck!  And I feel every bump on our “oh so wonderful” roads.  I should have kept the Volvo and let my husband take the truck, but the kids like Sirius satellite radio and it’s only in the truck.  So, there I am – hopping up like I’m 20 again (uh huh) just to get into the driver’s seat, throw it in reverse to God knows where, because I cannot see behind me with the cab in the back, and close my eyes.  Of course, the Volvo has sensors that tell me if I’m about to back up into something.   Nope, not the Ford.

On one of the trips this afternoon, I stopped at the grocery store.  It’s pouring rain.  I get my groceries, run to the truck and immediately a car pulls in too close to me and I cannot open the double doors.  Blank, blank, blank I say to myself.  With the Volvo I popped the trunk.  Piece of cake. 

Then I headed to the third town, on this the third trip to pick up the third child.  Boing, boing, boing.  What the #?!@ is that noise?  The alarm and warning light goes off because the stupid computer does not recognize that there are snow tires on the truck and the tire pressure gauge thing-a-ma-jig is all confused.   Deal with it, I said to myself, and turned the volume up 10 notches on that awesome radio, totally astounding my 9 year old.

I think I should seriously consider hiring a driver.  If I must use the truck, and if I must spend my entire day in it, then at least give me a driver.  Imagine the luxury in sitting back and just enjoying the company of your passengers.  So, the word is out.  Apply within.  Hat included.