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Monday, October 4, 2010

There's no place like home...there's no place like home...there's no place like home....

Yes, just like Dorothy I was very happy to find myself back home yesterday.  Going away for few days for a sister's weekend in Chicago was supposed to be not only fun but also a chance to catch up on some much needed rest.   The fun part was a guarantee. Anytime I am in the company of two other crazy women - I get sick with laughter.

The relaxing part -- ha!  Not such a sure thing.

It started with little to no sleep the night before I was leaving.  A toothache decided to pay a visit.  When was the last time you got a toothache???  Whatever...I got to the airport early in the morning and, yes, bad weather and delays in Burlington, followed by numerous changes in flights, then airlines, then airports.  It was a scene from a movie. "How fast can you get this crate moving?”   I asked the taxi driver as he sped me through NYC from JFK to La Guardia.   Phew - I made the flight.  But.... wait... my luggage forgot to get aboard.   Nonetheless, I continue on.  I arrive at the hotel, yap, yap with the sisters, dinner at Harry Carey's, and go to bed.  Ring, ring.  It's 2:00am and my luggage decides to show up.  But - hold on - where is my camera?  Missing.

Best part of the first day:  Saw Quentin Tarantino.  "Hi Quentin", I said oh so shyly, "I grew up with Bob Richardson" (okay, okay I didn't tell him Bobby was my first boyfriend in 7th grade)   And for those who do not know - Bob is a very successful cinematographer and did numerous Tarantino movies (Kill Bill, Kill Bill II, Inglorious Bastards, etc.)  He waved - gave me a thumbs up.  I know - dorky - but it's true.

Next day - a little sight seeing starting with brunch at the Signature Room at the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center.  A little stroll (??)  down Michigan Avenue for shopping and then a light dinner at Dick's Last Resort on the smelly river, stroll over to House of Blues - windy, cold, brought the wrong clothes, oh well.

Best part of that day:  Laughed  a lot.  Didn't get a blister.

Following day - up early and out the door.  Oops - nothing opens till 10:00.  What's up with that? Planned an architectural historical sightseeing tour by boat.  Alas, too yucky outside.   Wonderful time at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Then another late lunch.  Holy Crap!  Yes, literally.  Anchovies on the Caesar salad.  Sick for the last night.  Planned on going to Andy's Jazz bar (another place claiming to be a favorite of Al Capones.)  Just could not do it.  Oh Well.  

Best part of the day:  Laughed a lot.  Didn't spend too much.

Last day - up at 4:00 to catch early flight home.  Yippee!!!

My Nana used to say, "If you think bad things enough, bad things will happen.” Can that be???

I recently read this on FB - "Wise men and philosophers throughout the ages have disagreed on many things, but many are in unanimous agreement on one point: "We become what we think about." Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "A man is what he thinks about all day long." The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius put it this way: "A man's life is what his thoughts make of it." In the Bible we find: "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."

A story follows:

One Sunday afternoon, a cranky grandfather was visiting his family. As he lay down to take a nap, his grandson decided to have a little fun by putting Limburger cheese on grandfather's moustache. Soon, grandpa awoke with a snort and charged out of the bedroom saying, "This room stinks." Through the house he went, finding every room smelling the same. Desperately he made his way outside only to find that "the whole world stinks!"

So it is when we fill our minds with negativism. Everything we experience and everybody we encounter will carry the scent we hold in our mind.

Perplexity.  I thought I was a positive person.  I teach positivity to my kids.  So... why the bad karma?   My conclusion:  It was the stinky Chicago River.  Really it was.

And, like Dorothy found out - no matter where you go - no matter how beautiful or ugly - there is no place like home.  Yeah - my pillow.

However - I will go anywhere with my sisters.  Thanks Cath and Amy - and you too Tina.