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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pre Halloween Humour

My sister Amy sent this out in an email and with it came a very funny response from my brother Steve. It was one of those family moments where we share in the same sense of humour. Here is what he said about this picture.

How did you get Jimbo to scale the wall....hide a bottle of Crown in the gutter?

Boy Chad is really building the muscles in his arms to be able to hang from one arm all that time….way to go Chadster...keep eating those PB&J sand-witches.
And Allie, so nice to see her preparing the evening meal outdoors while seating on
the whiskey keg that father James obviously thought was still full or he would have kicked it down the hill to see how many girl scouts he could bowl over ...... ah yes, another quaint fall weekend at the Sully Fortress.

We don't get a chance to partake of any old holiday traditions down here in LA (Lower Alabama), 'cept for the annual "Mullet Fest" when ole Bubba tries to see how many fish (mullets) he can eat with his good tooth
still in his mouth.
Or how far he can throw a mullet. Actually I reckon’ he has his best girl run and he tries to see how far she gets before he wacks her on the noggin with an old dried up fish. Yup, I thinks that is how they train these youngins
to throw a football. And then there is a prize for how many mullets you can stuff down your face while you is drunk on moonshine ...oh yeah and the second place guy (or girl) is chosen by who can puke the farthest after
you down all that fish and had a few too many......

yup, sure miss those normal holiday traditions up north.

Happy Hallows Eve.
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