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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Move Over Swiss Family Robinson

For ages now my oldest son has been asking for a tree house.  He and my oldest daughter had a tree fort when they were 2 years old.  It was two feet off the ground and, in my opinion, way to high.  So, with leftover wood from the sawmill and the new barn, along with some creative thinking, my husband and I built what is now dubbed "the fun house".  Which I guess means my house is not "fun".

Despite its simplicity, it has already brought hours of enjoyment to the kids.  However, with that also came hours of decorating, transporting, meal deliveries and -  imagine this -  renovations already.   What happened to the old days when a tree house was a mere triangle of boards between three trees with a rope swing and a ladder?  Gone?  Yup.  We now have pulleys systems, wild animal boarding, sophisticated storage compartments, an entertainment room and, of course, for all those hungry bellies - a Chez Mama's kiosk, where food can be ordered on a 24 hour basis.  (Chez Mama's is what we call our dining room in the "main" house.) 

But - I must admit - with all that the "fun house" demands the laughter that comes forth from behind those bark walls makes it all worthwhile.  So, move over Mr. Robinson - there are new neighbors in town.