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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am a pack rat.

Today I went to Montreal to help my mother-in-law clean out her closets in a house she lived in for 50 plus years.  I half expected to spend hours sorting, throwing, and packing a lifetime of souvenirs.  But, I was pleasantly rewarded with a few wonderful hours of hearing about my husband's "side".  As we emptied drawer after drawer my mother-in-law relived her past - raising three children in a small bungalow in a rural neighborhood north of Montreal.    When the afternoon was over - a few bags to the Salvation Army, a small box that would accompany me home and a neatly stacked pile of boxes that  would later get moved to her new apartment.  All in all not too much "stuff".   And as I drove home I remember my own mother finding so much humor in my inability to throw anything out and I imagined the day when my children would have to help me clean out my "stuff".  So, do I make an early new year's resolution and start throwing things out and banning yard sales.  Nah.